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Hosies is your living store! With always careful consideration rather than just change for changes sake we aim to bring you the best in the current equipment displayed in the best manner.

As a result of ‘Evolution’ over the years, our various display areas change, this of course is mirrored in the removal (and replacement with new) of webpages like ‘Lifestyle’, however we often either can supply previously featured products/ranges to order or may in fact still stock the key items of those ranges.

To assist our customers this webpage is dedicated to featuring images & basic information on products that no longer have their own dedicated shop display area.

Lifestyle area with Home Cinema System (front projection)


Available to order: Simply drop into the shop to ask about current front projection products, prices & delivery and installation times.

Email: PBM Photographic or phone Tel  01382-667590 Mob.0783-11-22-480 (both No’s 24/7)